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Meaning of a Padova

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The Brenta River, which once ran through the city, still touches the northern districts. By the 5th century BC, Padua, meaning on the banks of the river Brenta, which in the Roman era was called Medoacus Maior and probably until AD followed the path Padova the present day Bacchiglione Retrone. He is venerated as the first bishop of the city. In fact, the poet Martial remarks on the thickness of the tunics made there.

Each was elected for sixteen months. New buildings, in typical fascist architecturesprang up in the city.

Patavium meaning eventually under the power of Rome, Pqdova it seems to have retained a semblance of independence. In the city passed to the French puppet Kingdom of Italy until the fall of NapoleoninPadova the city became part of the newly formed Kingdom of Meanibgpart of the Austrian Empire. The city is picturesque, with a dense network of arcaded streets opening into large communal piazze, and many bridges crossing the various branches of the Bacchiglione, which once surrounded the ancient walls like a moat.


Military Dictionary and Gazetteer 0. Thus, when a large ancient stone sarcophagus was exhumed in the yearofficials of the medieval commune declared the remains within to be those of Antenor.

Padua's population isas of From December to the end of the war, Pwdova was bombed 24 times by Allied aircraft ; the heaviest raids were the ones on 16 and 30 December each of which caused victims7 February victims Meaming, 11 March meaning tons of Padova dropped by bombers22 and 23 March20 April victims22 February and 12 March During the next century they were engaged in wars with Venice and Vicenza for the right of water-way on the Bacchiglione and the Brenta. Clock tower and Lion of St.

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It was many years before Padua recovered from this ravage. City and capital of the province of Padua. During the period of episcopal supremacy over the cities of northern Italy, Padua does not appear to have been either very important or very active.

In Padua was held for just a few weeks by Imperial supporters. In its prosperity came suddenly to an end, when it was taken and destroyed by Attila; and in it was again taken and burnt to the ground by Agilulf, king of the Longobards.

Jacopo da Carrara was elected lord of Padua inat that point the city was home to 40, people. As in other parts of Italy, the National Fascist Party in Padua soon came to be seen as the defender of property and order against revolution.

Nearby Abano was the birthplace, and after many years meaning in Rome, the deathplace of Livy, whose Latin was said by the critic Asinius Pollio to betray his Patavinitas Mexning. Still later, the Veneti of Padua successfully repulsed invasions by the Etruscans Padova Gauls. It was reconquered for a short time by the Byzantine Empire in during the Gothic War.

It is the capital of the province of Padua and the economic and communications hub of the oc.

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A year later, the threat to Padua was removed. Barbarossa ; in it ed the great Lombard League; and by the peace of Constance in had at length its liberties acknowledged.

Padua then enjoyed a period of calm and prosperity: the basilica of the saint was begun; and the Paduans became masters of Vicenza. In it was ceded to Napoleon III.

The city was again seized by the Goths under Totilabut was restored to the Eastern Empire by Narses only to fall under the control of the Lombards aPdova His deacon, the Jewish convert Danielis also a saintly patron of the city. The city hosted also a major military command and many regiments. Climate data for Padua —, extremes — Month.

A town of Italy, capital of the province of the same name. Patavium was founded by the Trojan chief Antenor, and according to Strabo, it could send an army ofmen into the field.


Under Austrian rule, Padua began its industrial development; one of the first Italian rail tracksPadua-Venice, was built in During the war, industry grew rapidly, and this provided Padua with a base for further post-war development. However, their civic jealousy soon reduced them to weakness again. InEccelino da Romano made himself master of it, and after having practiced unheard-of cruelties, in he was driven out and defeated by a crusade formed against him by most of the towns in Upper Italy.

Many supported a new political way, fascism.

The Carraresi period finally came to an end as the power of the Visconti and of Venice grew in importance. The Spartans came up the river but were defeated by Mesning Veneti in a naval battle and gave up the idea of conquest.