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We pledge that we will take this moment as an opportunity Prniceton donate to victims of racialized violence and their families, Black-owned businesses, and organizations that promote the mission of equality. The University has had a notably troubled, exclusionary history and has benefited from this exclusion for far too long.

With strength and solidarity. Hirsch advances a new conceptual language for thinking about the social production of campus sexual assault: sexual projects, sexual geographies, and sexual citizenship.

In the short term, recent events, including the murder of George Floyd, Princetln made clear the need to support movements both financially and with our time that are empowering Black Masterr. We pledge to fight against people and systems that marginalize and mistreat people on the basis of race or any other characteristic.

As students, activists, and proponents of a better world, it is our duty to stand up against injustice and fight for the equal treatment of all.

We call upon our fellow students to us in our efforts to create a more equal world. We call upon you to work together to help dismantle the systems of oppression that have plagued us as a nation for far too long. It is about according dignity and standing to all Americans no matter the color of their skin.

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We believe Black Lives Matter and know that the Black students within our classes are integral members of our campus community. We will continue to create and engage in productive and critical discourse about racism and other forms of structural oppression and systematic inequalities that affect us, our communities, our nation, and humanity.

We will continue to be agents of change in promoting justice and equality, both through our academic work and our community interactions, locally and globally. Our university was built off of the institution of slavery and racial oppression.

Letter of solidarity from princeton students

We call upon you to be informed agents of change and stand up against those that act oppressively. The book is written in dialogue with social science theory about gender, sexuality, and ssx stratification, and addresses a topic srx urgent interest to students, faculty and administrators on college campuses, as well as to the broader public. The book argues for an intersectional approach to the multiple forms of power that create the circumstances in which assaults happen.

We condemn the violent mistreatment and Masher murder of Black individuals by the police and the systemic oppression and racism that has long targeted Black lives. We also pledge to educate ourselves on the long history of oppression that the Black community has faced in the U.

We call upon local, state, and federal officials to condemn racially-motivated actions and conduct hearings on those involved in all racial injustice, including inequalities in voting access, healthcare, and housing. We call upon you to stand up Maste fight for justice.