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Good looking and personable

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So what is a man to do. I am 5'2 white woman. This summer m4w I'm a alone dad who is quite busy with both my work and my son. Within 50 radius anf a while male blue eyes dark blond hair. Like to own fun and be outdoors I am really seeking for a best man to hangout with and get to know.

Age: 51
Relationship Status: Never Married
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City: Risley, Stewart County, Stonington, Addison County
Hair: Bright red
Relation Type: Horny Divorced Woman Seeking Horny Housewives

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Find another word for good-looking. Avoid looking around the room, staring off into space, and perhaps most importantly: checking your phone. Listen Personable people are great orators who know how to hold others attention. Definition: personable a nice, polite, Goov pleasant appearance and personality Synonyms: attractive, friendly, charming, looking, likeable, sociable Antonyms: unattractive, unfriendly, unpleasant Tips: Think of the related words person and personality.

Make others feel important by acknowledging and complimenting a job well done — and if you do need to critique someone, do it lookijg and kindly. You can use personable and amiable and affable together to be good descriptive and complimentary of someone: "Everyone invites him to parties because of his amiable friendly personality and personable attractive demeanor.

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Sympathy is showing concern for another person when something bad happens. Here are 11 ways to be more personable at work. Personable is synonymous with affable and amiable. a pretty girl or woman is good-looking in ;ersonable fairly ordinary way and has a nice face​.

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The Power Vocabulary Builder will help you develop a fuller, richer vocabulary 10 to times faster than any other program available. Use loking and affable to describe someone who is nice to be around because they are very friendly and easy to get along with.

And listening is so much more than simply not talking. While intention and tone are more difficult to distill in text format, you can for this by using a more empathetic writing style. Consistently presenting a personable attitude, regardless of communication medium, is key.

Companies with attractive ceos might make more money.

Just make sure you get their name right. Empathy is listening to them, telling them you understand how they feel, and sharing your own similar experiences to emotionally relate. Popular Posts Like This.

This means sandwiching criticism between positive feedback and proposing a helpful solution. They just have that thing, that spark, that je ne sais quoi. Try to: use direct eye contact. Beautiful is aand stronger word, used to describe someone who is unusually.

11 things highly personable people do differently

From important work details to small, personal facts, personable people are able to show deep understanding through frequent recall. 25 synonyms of good-looking from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 56 related words, definitions, and antonyms.

Use personable to describe someone who has a pleasant appearance as well as a pleasant personality. Encourage conversation Asking questions is a great way to demonstrate engagement, but one question is never enough.

Be consistent Being personable is not limited to in-person interactions. This is a good way to compliment someone who has good "people skills. They talk about the good thingsfind the funny side when things go wrong and show empathy in bad situations. Visit the the Power Vocabulary Builder site pegsonable now to discover how you can get full access to this breakthrough program today! This is called active listening.


But make sure yours is the real deal: a genuine smile involves your mouth and your eyes. Some people exude charisma — not because they're the funniest person in the perrsonable or because they're the best dressed or best looking. Rude, right?

To use an example: say you ask your friend how their day went. Use personable to describe someone with an attractive appearance and personality.

“fake it until you make it”

Personable people lift up others and in doing so lift up themselves. Persons who are personable are easy to be around because they have good personalities. People who suffer from social anxiety or other psychological disorders may need to bolster their practice with professional help for the best.

If you struggle with remembering smaller details, or simply want to make things easier to remember, you can write down important information after the fact as a reminder. The difference between personable and affable and amiable, is that personable refers to a person's appearance in addition to personality and character.

10 benefits of being attractive, according to science

You probably leave the conversation with lioking strong suspicion they were only waiting for you to stop talking so they could continue speaking. Probing questions is always the best route to take — especially in the workplace, where people may need a little more encouragement to open up.

Stay positive Smiling at someone is an incredibly welcoming gesture that makes you seem instantly more approachable.