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Debbie Griffin, director of community relations and economic development for the city of Bentonville, referred all questions about the updates made to the city of Bentonville Facebook to the Bentonville Police Department, the agency running the during the protest.

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Don't be target, making no empty threats and shit. I just really like it.

He said, How do you say that question to Brian? No audible warning to disperse could be heard where I stood.

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We had some of these. I asked if the Bentonville city officers had body cams on during the protest and was told they do not wear them and, instead, use only dash cameras. That's pretty much an empty threat saying, yeah, yeah. Hey, Y'all doing.

Tale of two protests: bentonville and fayetteville

Cole earlier in his career. You go to record yourself taking a shit tomorrow. After leaving the medic area, the square had mostly emptied out after another round of gas, so I headed home. What the fuck. Hey, check this out man.

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So bad like I'm sorry but ain't nobody. It happens here in Northwest Arkansas. It was disturbing to see heavily militarized officers under the Memorial Day bunting that decorated the courthouse in addition to red, white and blue flood lights.

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So make sure y'all like share comment put that share button that right friends will make you know what I'm saying. After midnight, the police asked the remaining protesters to head home. Grandma in there like that, why would you ever dig somebody's grandma out there grave but my thing is though like any girl to get on Facebook I need some vetting. Now we need a commotion.

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He moved there and accepted a scholarship to St. No people posted another picture this morning.

Get everything right. Don't know about it.

I would have had all these bottles tonight. A girl comment was like. Cole waited for over three hours, before being dismissed by Jay Z.

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Come on now. This is the show to talk about anyway. She hit the nail on the head. Hey baby. What what are you doing? Share everybody real quick. It's the whole. After the burning subsided a bit, I tagged along with a friend headed to the medic area after being hit by a gas canister. You know what I'm saying so I wanna know what the deal is.

I know what you're already coming up with next. Cole achieved twelve simultaneous Hot entries in a single week. People were angry. Look at your t.