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Based on their names, 12 of 15 winners of the last 15 years of International Sheepdog Trials were male and two were womwn dog one could have been either. This raises a complication not addressed in the original question—when stuv say male dogs, are we talking intact breeding males, or neutered male dogs? First of all, a great many of the respondents said that, in training and performance, the personality and background of any individual dog were more important factors than sex.

This is Aggg especially interesting observation given that in our own species, girls are known to mature faster than boys. See Scott and Fuller for an explanation of their scoring and statistics.

Do male and female dogs learn differently? Oh my. Testosterone is a powerful drug, and we know it has broad-ranging effects on assertive and aggressive behavior in species as different as rhesus macaque monkeys and mallard ducks not to mention traders on the stock market, who are more successful if they have longer ring fingers than middle fingers—which is believed to correlate with the production of male hormones in utero.

At the same time, I put the question out into the universe, querying a group of certified applied animal behaviorists and veterinarians board certified in behavior. Yeah, okay, I really do call them that.

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National Open Retriever Championships. Who wants to invest large amounts of time and money in a performer who can do her job only half the time? Fieldwork was undertaken between November and March in two settlements in central Chennai: one is a squatter settlement and the other is a mixture of municipal tenements and open plots allocated by local government.

Since19 dogs have won the U. Despite these contradictions, I saw some interesting trends.

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Lassie and Mr. Dogs are finally coming out of the woodwork as interesting and important in our search to understand the biology of behavior, and this is a perfect vehicle for study. More consistent once the behavior is first learned? In practice, many women in these low-income households are wary of their daughters-in-law and anxious not to antagonize them. This is a topic that calls out for research. But we need more, lots more, and I hope the trend of investing time and resources into the study of canine behavior continues to gather steam.

Cooperation and Conflict in South India By Vera-Sanso, Penny Read preview Article excerpt The stereotype of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relations in India is that of a dominating mother-in-law and submissive daughter-in-law.

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The answers were enlightening, interesting and downright amusing. I did not ask about intact versus neutered or spayed; more on that later.

Perhaps unconsciously, it has a ificant effect on my behavior, and on the behavior of all of us with cultural expectations of how males and maturf dogs are supposed to xtud. Amongst Indians and the general public in the West the predominant image of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relations in Indian t families is that of the dominant mother-in-law and submissive daughter-in-law However, many residents of low-income settlements in Chennai formerly called Madras complain that in the city daughters-in-law do not submit to the demands and wishes of their mothers-in-law as they do in rural Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state of which Chennai is the capital.

If you want a great dog, get a female dog and cross your fingers.

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Surely it could be true of dogs as well. Camille Ward completed her University of Michigan dissertation last year on social development and play behavior in puppies. Is this based on any actual sex-related differences in their behavior, or on my culturally amture expectations? This article explores the disparities between the predominant and Indianist Agt and my informants' claims by examining the basis of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relations amongst those living on low incomes.

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Another explanation is that there is indeed something about a male dog that makes him more competitive under pressure. For example, Dr. Research on domestic dog behavior is blossoming, but most of it is about cognition and problem solving.

Residents of both areas are either born in Chennai or are long-term immigrants from rural areas. The article shows that economic developments can have a deleterious effect on older women's capacity to support themselves or secure the support of their family Clearly, this is not a problem confined to India, yet the consequences of economic development for the welfare of older generations and their relations with younger, related adults has failed to draw much interest from anthropologists.

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They found sex differences in weight gain male dogs, not surprisingly, growing larger in early adolescencebut concentrated primarily on breed differences, rarely looking at sex as a factor in any of their experiments. Where such developments have had, or are expected to have, a deleterious effect swxy older women's capacity to support themselves or secure submissjve support of their family, mothers-in-law are adopting a variety of strategies towards their daughters-in-law, including that of appeasement.

This trend is replicable in many of the highly competitive performance sports, especially those that involve large sums of money. We know that expectations can have profound effects on behavior in our species.

Anneke Lisberg just completed her PhD from the University of Wisconsin on scent-marking behavior in dogs, a topic we know shockingly little about.